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Artigianato linguistico Ponte Perugia: What we offer

 Italian and Foreign Languages  – Language teaching; writing, translation, and more

Italian Language Classes

Small group classes; individual lessons.

Foreign Language Classes

Conversation classes; individual lessons.

Foreign Language Service

Find out more about our solutions for the revision, the translation and the preparation of your texts.

Italian Language Service

Find out more about our solutions for your Italian texts: creation of new texts, translation, revision.




Who we are


Artigianato linguistico "Ponte Perugia" offers Language classes, Translation, Editing and Proofreading services, Writing classes, Training courses in Language Teaching, Writing for advertisement, Creation of Teaching Materials and more (see the page: http://www.ponteperugia.it/en/#services) with regard to both written and spoken language. We receive visitors only by appointment (for more information on how to contact us, please see the page: http://www.ponteperugia.it/en/#contact).

Artigianato Linguistico - Ponte Perugia (a project by free-lance teacher, translator and writer Alberto Cassone) was created in Perugia in 2015.

Alberto Cassone

With a degree in Foreign Languages, a Ph.D. level specialization in Foreign Language Teaching, two articles published in the field of Didactics (https://edizionicafoscari.unive.it/it/edizioni/riviste/elle/2012/1/short-stories-raccontare-la-vita/ - in a specialised magazine; https://danimarcavsitalia.wordpress.com/ - web log self-publishing), Alberto Cassone has taught Italian Language and Culture and English both abroad and in Italy. He also gained some valuable work experience in text editing, in writing (second prize winner at the literary contest "Anselmo Spiga" 2014, Italian Prose Section) and in translation and is an expert in the creation of original language teaching materials. He speaks Italian, English, Czech and French and reads Italian, English, Czech, French, German and Danish.

His personal website, dedicated to Italian Language and Culture, can be visited at: www.italianalingua.it.

Here you can read about two other projects of his: https://ingleseconlamusica.wordpress.com/ ; https://albertocassone.wordpress.com/.




Come and visit us in Perugia, in Via Alessi 80 (in the city center, at five minutes' walk from the last stop of the Minimetrò, called "Pincetto")

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Phone: +39 320 1110046
Skype: Artigianato Linguistico, email: artigialingue@gmail.com
Via Alessi 80, 06122 Perugia. Office opening hours:  by appointment.

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